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Used AC Warehouse Preferred Installer Program

Used AC Warehouse is all about HVAC and our customers know that when they buy from us or our partner companies they can depend on a quality pruduct whether new or used. Along with that we want to provide them with quality installers who can get the job done.

When you sign up for our installer program we will negotiate a custom contract with you and/or your company to send leads for customers in your area who are interested in an installation of their unit.


Do I have to install used units too?

No, You can choose whether you want to install new or used units or both, we prefer you do both but you don't have to.

Can I choose what kind of leads I want?

Yes, whether you want to install new or used or both you can choose what type of leads you wish to aquire.

How much do your leads cost?

Our leads are negotiated with each individual installer/company, general the more leads you can take the cheaper they get.

How do I know your leads are any good?

We have collected data over the last 2 years at and we have a proven 23% conversion rate.

How to I sign Up?

In order to be a preferred installer for you will need to provide some information about your company and some documentation. After you create an account proceed to "My Account" and you can start the process to become an installer there.

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