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How does the Usedacwarehouse Market work?

If you are familiar with using services like Cragslist® and Ebay® then you are going to fit right in with Usedacwarehouse Market©. It functions very similar where you can either buy or sell directly with owners of used and new HVAC equipment. There is no middle man you have to deal with that can slow the process down. We know if you are selling you need to get that sale and if you are looking for a unit or some type of HVAC equipment you can contact the seller directly.


What makes you different than others?

Ah...glad you asked, here are a few reasons

  • We are the #1 and largest website in the used HVAC industry.
  • Because our site is very niche specific visitors are here specifically for buying HVAC equipment.
  • We have a proven 23% inquiry to sale (conversion) rate from 2 years of data we have collected.
  • You deal directly with buyers.
  • If you have any custom needs on how you need to receive leads from us we can do that for you.

Also you will be dealing with companies more than individuals so if you have some serious HVAC needs you are going to find that company that can help you.

Flippers and Investors love us!


As a buyer you need to have the confidence that what you get is what you pay for. The companies we work with all they do is HVAC. You can have the assurance that whatever need you have for your home or business you are going to find it here. All you have to do is find what you need and contact the seller.


We offer the option for buyers to have their HVCA equipment installed from what we call a "Preferred Installer". If you are a legal HVCA business with a License you may apply to get on the list of our Preferred Installers and we will send leads to you when a buyer requests their equipment to be installed. It's really that simple.

Please be advised that our service will be free until the summer of 2017. After that we will be charging a per post/lead price.